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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Not a Good Weekend for Tailgating?

According to a website (and promptly poo-pooed by Homeland Security, the FBI, the Commissioner of the NFL, and Barney Fife) there will be a dirty bomb attack at 7 NFL stadiums this weekend. The "target" games (with the guesstimated Environmentalist Wacko Picks ala Rush Limbaugh thrown in) are:
Now, of course, the Envoronmentalist Wacko Picks are thrown totally out the window if the jihadis decide to toss some radioactivity into the air.

Let's look logically at this for a moment. (I know, logic and jihadis don't mix... work with me here.) First of all, I'm sure most major stadiums have extra safeguards in place just in case- probably for the past 5 years or so, if I had to guess. Next, dirty bombs would make a big pile of yuck in the stadium, but not much else... it's not like they're actually setting off a nuke. Finally, all of the games aren't at the same time. Do you honestly think that if bombs start going off during the noon games that Roger Goodell (or Homeland Security, or the FBI, or Barney Fife) would let the 3:15 games go on?

I'm not overly worried about this. Then again, I don't have tickets to any of the games this weekend.

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