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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Why Am I Going Here?

I wasn't going to post about the Michael J. Fox political ad or the Rush Limbaugh bruhaha or the intense comment thread at the Rott about it or... or... but, here I am...

First, the facts.
Did I forget anything?

Now that those peky facts are out of the way... I'm against ESC, not only because they have to kill babies to get the stem cells (no, I don't really give a rat's rump if it's "just a blastocyst"- I believe it's a person as soon as Mr. Sperm meets Miss Egg, and the two become one... one baby), but because there are other, more ethical AND more beneficial avenues to explore (Adult stem cells and cord blood stem cells). That being said, I'm in favor of using the current stem cell lines in research (damage been done already.) I'm against using Federal money for research of any kind that isn't related to national security because it's not the government's job. I'm against cloning because I'm pretty sure that God knew what He was doing when He decided to make us all different, or else I'd look like (insert your version of the most beautiful woman in the world here). I'm also against cloning for harvest because you can't really get around that whole baby thing.

There- now on to the bruhaha.

Michael J. Fox was wrong on several levels. He used his disease to promote a series of lies and halftruths. He manipulated his symptoms (several times) to garner sympathy. He misled the viewing public about candidates' stands, vote, and plans. He has a right to voice his opinion, but he does not have the right to a free pass and avoid scrutiny just because he's ravaged by a horrible disease.

Some people claim that "Rush should have known better" than to "pick on MJF." That's just wrong. HE knew what would happen, and he did it anyway because it was the right thing to do. MJF misled people, and he deserved to be given the once-over. (By the way, Rush wasn't the only one to give MJF's commercials the once over. Here is the opinion of a medical doctor.)

It's no surprise that the MSM jumped on this. They have a long-standing dislike of Rush, and they'll jump at any chance to make conservatives look like mean ogres. They (the pundits in the MSM, the LLL, and, yeah, the so-called objective journalists) can't debate on the merits of their argument... there are no merits. So let's just smear the other side, ok?

Will all of this sway the elections? Maybe, maybe not. Or maybe not in the way the DNC had planned. That's my particular hope.

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