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Friday, November 17, 2006

Get Over It

So... I'm driving around town yesterday, and, in front of me there's this sedan. Plain old boring car, except for one thing. Completely covering the back window was writing- not huge advertising-style writing, but letters about 2 or 3 inches tall. Yeah, it looked goofy, and you couldn't really read it while driving, so I stayed behind him until we finally came to a stop light.

What was so important that this person felt the need to write it all over his car in little bitty print? Honestly, it read like a talking points memo. Seriously. "Scandal. Hypocrisy. Valerie Plame. No WMDs. 3000 troops dead. 30,000 casualties. 300,000 Iraqis dead. Mark Foley. Bob Ney." And it went on and on... 8 or 9 lines of writing, going all the way across the back window.

I can only guess that the guy wrote all of that prior to the election in order to get his opinion out there. Message to the KosKid- get over it already!!! Y'all won. Deal with it.

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