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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Pantry Pests

No, I'm not talking about the boys and their voracious appetites. I'm talking about annoying little moths that have decided that they like living in my pantry.

At first, I thought, 'a moth is a moth is a moth.' Silly me! The cedar blocks I bought and put in the pantry will just make the pantry smell good- they mean nothing at all to these nasty little monsters.

My only option is going to be long, drawn out, and not cheap. We'll have to take everything out of the pantry (except the washer and dryer... those are staying put), trash all of the carbs (flour, sugar, pasta, rice, dog food), toss in a bug bomb, and scrub everything down. Then I'll have to watch out for the little buggers, just in case they leave more eggs around.

Oh, yay. Yippee skip.

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