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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Tossing and Turning for Charity

David Blaine, famous for his daring insane stunts (being frozen in ice, staying underwater for days at a time, being buried alive... stuff like that), is in the process of doing another stunt- this one for charity and close to his heart.
The 33-year-old magician stepped inside a gyroscope Tuesday in Times Square. His hands and feet will be shackled to the spinning scope Thursday afternoon. He will then have until Friday morning — a total of 16 hours — to make his escape.
Like I said, he's doing this one for charity. If he is successful, 100 needy children (selected by the Salvation Army) will be given a $500 shopping trip to Target. This charity is close to Blaine's heart because his mother clothed him with Salvation Army clothes while he was growing up.

The good news for Blaine is that almost no one gets sick in one of those gyroscopes (the only one I recall is a Space Camp counselor who was an extra in the movie Space Camp... she was in there for several hours). The bad news is that he's suspended five stories above Times Square, and the weather forecast is for temps in the 40s (for the highs and lows) and scattered rain showers today and tomorrow. If he can keep from getting hyperthermia, he should be ok.

I know we can't all do crazy things like David Blaine, but... we can all do our part. Find the bell ringers and give to them... clean out your closets and take your old but usable stuff to a resale store... give some food to a food pantry... we can all do a little bit.

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