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Thursday, December 07, 2006

This Gives Party Animal a Whole New Meaning

Camel gatecrashes Xmas party

A Christmas party in Ireland was ruined after a camel ate all the food and drank the beer.

Gus sneaked out of his stable while staff at his equestrian centre were getting changed for the big night, reports Metro.

Gus scoffed 200 mince pies and 150 sandwiches before downing seven cans of Guinness, which he reportedly cracked open with his teeth.

Staff at Mullinger Equestrian Centre in County Westmeath, Ireland, came back to find the place looking like a 'chimpanzee's tea party'.

Centre owner Robert Fagan said: "We're going to reschedule the Christmas party for next Tuesday but next time Gus is going to be properly locked up."
A "chimpanzee's tea party"??? What does that look like? Go, Gus!!!

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