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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Let The Insanity Begin

As you may have heard, Texas is under attack. No, really. At least, that's what it sounds like if you turn on any tv or radio station. The invader? WINTER.

This weekend, the weather was pretty lousy. Rainy. Chilly. Yucky. Many people ran to the grocery store as if Armageddon was on its way. Sunday night, the temperature managed to stay above freezing for the most part, but the few schools that didn't have MLK Day off took a bad weather day. Then, last night, the temp dipped below freezing, and the panic was in full swing.

This morning, the school closing list is "everyone except Giddings, Granger, Flatonia, or Thrall." (what are those people thinking??) The Inauguration parade has been canceled (the Clydesdales thank you, I'm sure). Major businesses in the area are either closed (Dell, IBM, 3M, Applied Materials) or will open late. The news is wall-to-wall "Don't drive! Don't even go out to get the paper! Let the dog walk himself!" And, then there's the guys from Austin Energy sheepishly pointing out that our power lines aren't really designed to handle ice, so there will be plenty of power outages before this is said and done. Yippee.

In all honesty, people up north wouldn't be ignoring this weather. It's dangerous. But, then again, folks in the Great White North don't have to deal with the Mexican semi drivers who are trying to drive through town before rush hour. Several stretches of the I-35 and MoPac are closed (from what I can tell, if it's an overpass, it's blocked). 183 and 290 are the same way. Icky.

The Hill Country might see snow. We'll just see ice.

Time for some more hot tea. Stay warm, everyone.

UPDATE (1:05pm): What is all of this white stuff that is falling from the sky?

UPDATE (8:15pm): The boys are doing their Snow Day Dance... again...

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