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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Living Up To Expectations

Or not.

Did y'all watch the almost month-long Bowl Series? How many were there? By my count, 32. I could have missed one or two, though.

Probably the biggest "news" from the Bowl Series was the number of upsets that shocked and dismayed the sports pundits (are there such a thing?). Boise State beat my beloved Sooners in what was, by everyone's accounts, an amazing game. Any Bowl game that goes into OT because of a last minute "trick" play (I hate calling them that- it's only a trick because it tricked the opponent) AND ends with a proposal can't be half bad. Then there was the Gators surprise victory (or, shall we say "rout"?) over the "can't-be-beat" Buckeyes of Ohio State.

All in all, the Bowl games were pretty close. Most of the victories were by 10 points or less. Many by 3 or less. The close games are the good games, and there were plenty of good games.

But, that's not what will be remembered. We will remember the Smurf Turf Davids of Boise State whacking the Goliaths of Norman with the perfect sized stone, and the Gators showing up the #1 team in college football. The "big guns" of college football once again failed to live up to the expectations- of fans, of the media, of pretty much everyone.

Eh... it happens. (More often that not if you're a Sooner fan... but I digress...)

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