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Sunday, February 04, 2007

SuperBowl, Part 2 (halftime)

We're heading into halftime, the score is 16-14, Colts. Halftime report, and then Prince. Oh, yeah...

In the first half, the rain did have more to do with the game than I expected. Lots and lots of turnovers, and not the tasty kind. Rex is playing a lot better than I expected, and Peyton's not choking like some people feared.

Oh, joy... here comes Prince. uh... "We Will Rock You" is NOT a Prince song.

"Let's Go Crazy." Not a bad song. Considering the rain, I was hoping for some Purple Rain. (What is that thing on his head?)

"Proud Mary" isn't a Prince song, either... didn't he have enough songs in his discography? The day-glow marching band was kind of cool, though.

Never heard this song before... "The Best of You"... nope... never heard it... Did not need the scream at the end...

Now he plays Purple Rain... most of the kids in the audience don't look old enough to know who Prince is.

OK... he didn't completely stink... but still...

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