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Sunday, February 04, 2007

SuperBowl, Part 3- the Second Half

(Scroll down for the first 2 SuperBowl posts.) More first half info- the Bears did not get a first down in the last 18 minutes of the half, and Lovie Smith said that his defense was on the field too much. Uh... yeah...

7:25pm: Kickoff, Colts return it to their own 38. As long as the Colts can maintain 3-4 yards per down, everything will be just fine in the 2nd half. First down- Urlacher isn't not happy about that. I'm not sure I'd want to make him angry. I wouldn't like him when he's angry.

7:29pm: What was that I was saying? Utecht just got clobbered by Urlacher. Took him a while to get off the field. But it was a first down, so his pain was not in vain. (teehee- I made a rhyme.)

7:32pm: Urlacher's blood pressure is climbing. The Colts are reading the D and are taking advantage of them. Addai has been taking most of Urlacher's aggression the last couple of plays- probably because Addai has been carrying/catching the ball and making first downs.

7:35pm: Challenge flag tossed by Dungy- not enough players on D on the field. OK, boys and girls, can you count to eleven? I guess Tony can't, because they were all there. Colts lose the challenge and a time out.

7:38pm: FG Vinatieri. Not pretty, but good. 19-14, Colts.

7:40pm: It looks like Coke just recycled all of the ads they've been playing in theatres. bleh...

7:41pm: Rain still falling. It's slick, but not muddy.

7:42pm: Wow... Rex took the snap 56 minutes after the Bears' last snap. Ouch. He's actually completing passes. I'm worried. I may have to change my opinion of him... nah...

7:43pm: SACK by Booger McFarland. Punt returned to the Colts' 35.

7:49pm: Rhodes breaks a couple of tackles and got them to the Bears' 30.

7:50pm: Bad timing for a face mask, Bears. First and goal at the 10. 2nd and goal... 3rd and goal. Rhodes carries to the 3. FG attempt by Vinatieri is good. Flag on the play. Colts decline. 22-14, Colts.

7:55pm: T-mobile commercial was OLD.

7:56pm: kickoff... flag... personal foul, kicking team. 15 yard penalty.

7:58pm: Nice to know Federline has a sense of humor about himself. And the "but he's got an axe" Bud Light commercial is funny.

8:02pm: Rex almost got intercepted. Gould kicks a FG. 22-17, Colts.

8:07pm: Challenging the "incomplete pass." Now ruled a complete pass. 3rd and 1 (Colts) becomes 1st and 10 after a toss to Wayne. End of third quarter.

8:12pm: 2nd & 13... false starts have been problematic for the Colts today. TO Colts.

8:16pm: Harrison (Colts) limps off the field. Punt goes into the endzone. Bears take over on their own 20.

Random trivia- Peyton and Rex competed against once before at the Orange Bowl. It didn't end well for Peyton.

8:21pm: Hayden intercepted a pass intended for Muhammed and returned it for a TD. Bears are challenging if he stepped out of bounds. Ruling stands. TD, Colts. XP is good. 29-17. Colts.

8:29pm: Rex is having a bad 2nd half- Sanders just interecepted a pass and made it down to the Bear's 41. Colt's ball after offsetting penalties.

8:33pm: Flomax is an old commercial, but... do we really want a new one? Does anyone else want to see less of the one they have?

8:37pm: Colts had to punt it away to the Bears' 8. Let's see what Rex can do with it.

8:43pm: Jackson (43, Colts) down. Helped up. Bears are 4th and 9... Rex passed, it was caught, and then stripped. Colts take over on downs. at the Bears' 46.

8:46pm: Rhodes runs it for the first down at the 32. Where'd Urlacher disappear to?

8:47pm: 2 minute warning. Colts winning 29-17.

8:51pm: Snapple's commercial is OLD. Hey! I thought the Dorito winning commercial was supposed to be on during the 2 minute warning. They goofed!

8:55pm: With one minute left, the Bears are trying to hang in there. It's not working, but they're trying. Rex is trying to run it for the first down.

8:56pm: Dungy just got the ice water shower.

8:58pm: Game over. Colts win.

Post game post coming.

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