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Sunday, February 04, 2007

The SuperBowl

I think I'm going to live blog it... well, as much as I can... sometimes there might not be much to say.

Right now, it's about a half hour until kickoff. Just saw a cute intro about who the players are playing for- Peyton's big brother was on there, as well as a bunch of the players' parents. "Bring the trophy home to Momma." Maybe it's a Mom thing- I thought it was cute.

I'll admit it- I'm cheering for the Colts. I like Peyton. And I don't like Da Bears. Can't help it. As for whether or not the Colts will actually win, the talking heads are saying, because of the rain, Da Bears might win it. Bah... if the game was in Chicago or Green Bay or somewhere equally chilling, then they might have a point. It's going to be wet, not cold. I don't think the weather will have as much of a bearing on the game as some think.

5:08pm (all times Central): team intros... Cool team video intros. More Colts fans than I expected. I had heard that Miami was just crawling with Bears' fans, so I expected more than a few boos. The Bears' fans actually seem quite subdued. Odd... Tony Dungy looks like he just wants to get the game started. Lovie looks like he's having a good time so far...

5:14pm: the spots for the CBS series are going to drive me nuts.

5:16pm: Billy Joel doing the National Anthem... um... he should have done an instumental with the piano... he sounds horrid... Dungy even grimiced at the sound...

5:19pm: Norbit really seems like a stupid movie... how many times will we get to see the commercial? And Jessica Simpson doing more Pizza Hut commercials? well... ok... I guess...

5:21pm: Is there some reason that a company would spend ALL that money for a Superbowl spot, and they don't bother making a new commercial? It just seems... lazy...

5;22pm: during the Captains' intro, Urlacher looked like he was about to go ahead and sack Peyton right then and there just to get things started. Tony Corrente is the ref... dang... I was hoping for the cool ref...

Bears win the toss... Vinatieri to kick off... I predict good things from him tonight.

5:26pm: This is going to be a LONG game. Hester just ran back the kick off for a TD. Geez- he even watched himself on the jumbotron as he ran in... Peyton looks like someone kicked his favorite puppy, and Dungy is not a happy man, either. 7-0, Bears.

5:30pm: Urlacher almost intercepted the first throw. This does not bode well for the horses. Come on, Peyton!

5:33pm: um... if you keep getting false start penalties, you're never going to get the first downs. DAGNABIT- interception, Harris.

5:34pm: rock, paper scissors Bud Light commercial is great! The Doritos commercial "live the flavor" cost all of $12 to make- very cute. The Blockbuster commercial with the the rodents is great! Did we really need to see Quirky Katie Curic? bleh...

5:38pm: The rain is picking up- Mud Bowl in the second half? The good news is that da Bears had to punt. Colts on the Bears' 20...

5:40pm: ok... the Sierra Mist comb-over commercial was disturbing.

5:42pm: The Colts got a first down. Ok, I'm actually surprised. If they can keep up 3 or 4 yards per down, they'll be ok. First down, again... this is more like it.

5:46pm: SWEET! 53 yards for the TD. Pass to Wayne. Tank couldn't get to Peyton in time. Bad snap on the extra point... 7-6, Bears.

5:48pm: the Fed Ex moon commercial got some official laughter from the peanut gallery. The Bud Light auction spot... eh...

5:50pm: Colts recover the kick-off fumble. Peyton, don't sit down quite yet!

5:51pm: Alex Brown stripped the ball... Bears' ball.

5:52pm: The Colts really need to pick up the speed if they're going to catch any of the Bears. Bears on the Colts' 5. ( uh... there's a guy named "Booger"????)

5:54pm: Rex threw a pass... and someone actually caught it! TD, Bears. 14-6, Bears.

5:55pm: snickers commercial- ew.

6:00pm: They're starting to have fogging problems with the cameras. I expect a few glitches in a live show, but that? They should have anticipated that.

6:01pm: 3 Mannings on the field right now... if the Bears had traded for Eli, I think we'd have all of the Mannings in the NFL accounted for in one game.

6:02pm: oops- Rex threw another good pass... and it was caught... force out. First down. FUMBLE- Colts ball on the Bears' 40-something. Rain is no longer just "a drizzle."

6:05pm: Peyton needs to throw it at people who are wearing white, not black. Just sayin'... Punted off, downed at the 4.

6:08pm: Benson and Tait (Bears) are both taking their time getting up. In fact, Benson ran into Tait and decided that resting on the grass for a while is a very good idea. Now, Benson is up- not quite walking straight as he's aimed at the sideline.

6:14pm: I guess they think the game is getting boring- they're starting to show the celebrities in the stands. David Spade is getting drenched- wonder why he didn't rate a suite. End of first quarter. 14-6, Bears.

6:16pm: What was that I was saying about old commercials? The Coke one isn't new. Random trivia- if I'm not mistaken, this is the first time it's rained during a SuperBowl.

6:22pm: kick is good from 29 yards out. 14-9, Bears. (The holder put a glove on- kept the ball from slipping.)

6:24pm: Garmin leads in the "stupid commercial" category with their ode to the Power Rangers.

6:25pm: Lovie and Tony did a Big Brothers/Big Sisters spot. I like it.

6:27pm: Bears went 3 and out... I love it.

6:28pm: another new Doritos commercial... odd... not liking that one so much... And I completely did NOT get the HHR commercial.

6:32pm: Peyton completed pass to Harrison for the first down. That's what they need to keep doing. And now another... I'm liking this...Rhodes pushed in for the TD. XP is good. 16-14 Colts. Finally.

6:35pm: Bud Light slapping commercial- ew. Heart attack commercial- got your attention. The Coke bottle spot was pretty good.

6:41pm: Bears 3 and out again. Woohoo.

6:45pm: The Sprint "connectile disfunction" spot was... tacky.

6:49pm: Fumble recovered by the Bears... grumble...

6:49pm: Fumble recovered by the Colts... I'm getting dizzy...

6:54pm: time out... time out... Vinatieri's kick is no good. Let's go into halftime 16-14, Colts.

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