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Monday, March 19, 2007

And Now, a Word From Charlie Daniels

Charlie Daniels has always been a proud waver of the Red, White, and Blue. The WoT has made him a little more vocal about it. His latest trip to the Soap Box is a perfect example.
Somebody's Got To Say It

I am sick, disgusted, exasperated, aggravated, ticked off, and fed up with the politically correct exaggerated and downright dumb attitude that some wiser than thou, condescending, hypocritical, la la land people in this country have.

Okay, I'll explain myself. If you say something about illegal Mexicans,
you're a bigot and hate all Hispanics and don't want anybody to come into
this country unless you have a two-generation pedigree of waspery.

If you say something about Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton or Rodney King you're a predjudiced bigot who wants to hold all African Americans down.

If you say something about Rosie O'Donnell, you're a homophobic
Redneck who wants to go around beating up gay people.

You people are disgusting.

You claim to be the protectors of Free Speech. Yet if a speaker of
dissenting opinions comes to one of your colleges you just get up and shout him or her down.

You claim to value the lives of the Iraqi babies but you won't raise one
self-righteous finger to save the millions of innocent unborn who fall
victim to the abortion assassin's knife.

You smear and try to ruin men of good character just because they don't
ascribe to the same beliefs you do.

You claim to be the champions of the poor but you always give them a fish
instead of a fishing pole.

You criticize the way that Saddam Hussein, one of the most evil men who ever walked, spent his last few minutes on earth, saying there should have been more dignity. Well the Iraqis don't believe in dignified hangings and it was their business, not yours. Live with it.

You get together over your vodka martinis and pat each other on the back and celebrate being the bigoted fools that you are. Yes I said bigoted, you
don't even want to consider somebody else's opinion.

You stoutly defend Islam, claiming it to be a peaceful religion. It never
has been and it never will be, but that doesn't make any difference to you,
the truth doesn't matter, only the perception.

You say that all religions are the same, they all lead to the mountaintop,
but I've got news for you. Nobody lives on the mountaintop except God and there's only one path to Him.

You make heroes out of people like Cindy Sheehan who obviously hates America and everything it stands for. A woman who goes around the world consorting with America's avowed enemies.

You defend nutcases like Ward Churchill who from the safety of his classroom acts as if the 9-11 attacks were a righteous execution of the guilty.

You weaken this country and embolden our enemies by your attitude because all you do is criticize. You have no answers or in many cases not even any ideas, you take no action but you are always ready to criticize those who have the initiative to do something.

And before you cherry pickers, (people who cherry pick this column and try
to twist it to make it say what you want it to) get your long johns in a
twaddle let me inform you that I am not defending any politicians.

This is not necessarily about politics but about attitudes, naive
tunnel vision, condescending attitudes.

Somebody's got to say it.

Pray for our troops

What do you think?

God Bless America

Charlie Daniels

March 16, 2007
Here is where he posted it. He has a Soap Box entry every now and then. They are all awesome. And, you can comment, too! Go, check him out. (h/t to Linda)

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