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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Let Me Guess... His Parents Don't Believe In Spanking, Do They?

Words almost fail me on this one.
Andrew Riley faced 128 felony charges Tuesday that included theft, vandalism and intimidation, but he is no adult; he is a seventh grader.

Riley, 13, is accused of burglary, theft, stolen property and vandalism. It stems from a crime spree that the Athens County assistant prosecutor said lasted a year.

"He's so young, we need to try and get him rehabilitated through the system," said Assistant Prosecutor Keller Blackburn.

Blackburn said the Full Brooks Cafe was one of his many targets. Owner Miki Brooks said the restaurant has been robbed twice.
No matter what the prosecutor says, Andrew isn't going to be rehabilitated in the system. He's going to just hone his skills in the system. That's how it works. He's going to be in and out of prison the rest of his life.

Who gets the blame? I'm looking at the parents on this one.
His family did not deny he has been in trouble, but they said he could not commit so many crimes.

"Honestly, you know, we are baffled by all the charges," said stepfather James Blake. "We suspected a few could come out of this, but nothing like what's been going over."

The charges came after a fellow student went to police, then Riley allegedly beat up that student and now faces charges for intimidating a witness.

His stepfather said Riley had a rough childhood.

"He's our oldest, you know. He's our first born and he's been through a lot," said Blake.
Oh, poor little baby... he's been through a lot. He had a rough childhood, and we should feel sorry for the little monster. That's is a pile of bs, and he knows it. They knew he was a problem child, and they didn't do anything about it. They probably said, "He's just acting like a boy... he'll grow out of it." No, he doesn't just grow out of it unless you do something about it. And Andrew's parents couldn't be bothered to actually raise their child.

Lovely. Parents refuse to properly rear their kid, and society gets to pay for it, probably for the rest of the kid's life.

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