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Friday, March 16, 2007

They've Finally Lost It

I was reading the comments on the Media Matters site that had the Glenn Beck quote about Hillary, and I came across these comments:
But Hillary is on the enemy's side. She's not a liberal progressive, she's a right-wing reactionary in the pay of corporate fascism and Isreal. Putting her into any office is not victory...she's not for the cause. She's against it.
Unlike the Right-wingers, you'll find that the left wing of American politics expects some form of integrity from their leaders, and will criticize them when they rightly deserve it. This is not "bashing" - this is discussion and should never be silenced. Just because the Right will circle their wagons around crooks and liars does not mean that we should be expected to do the same with candidates of lesser integrity and quality.
I was going to give these comments some serious thought and write engaging commentary on their commentary. There was just one problem. I can't stop laughing. Hillary's not a leftist loon? The Left doesn't circle their wagons around crooks (Jefferson from Louisiana) and liars (Bill Clinton, John Kerry, the list goes on and on)? Since when?

"Left Integrity- thy name is Bill Clinton."

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