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Friday, February 15, 2008

And People Think I'm Spoiled?

In spite of what my parents might tell you, I'm not all that strict with the boys. Compared to these parents, I'm frickin' tyrannical.

The parents are totally clueless. Alicia has no chores or rules, is waited on hand and foot, and receives a gift every day of the year just because she "deserves" it- no idea why she deserves a gift, but she does, dang it. Mommy "makes" breakfast every day for her (which means, from what I could tell, pouring her cereal into a bowl for her), but refuses to cook because "she doesn't want to." Daddy takes them out to eat seven nights a week (because he'd starve otherwise).

But, she's so sweet. She feels sorry for people who aren't "gorgeous." Daddy must have taught her that one early (he said that he'd rather hire an attractive ditz than an intelligent slob).

Honestly, I don't blame Alicia for being the way she is. She is literally a product of her environment. Too bad criminally stupid parenting isn't against the law.

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