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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses

First things first... today is the 97th anniversary of the birth of Ronaldus Magnus.

ok... Sorry about the lack of posting. Wasn't feeling great, and there wasn't much to post about. Sure, there was the Super Bowl. I tried posting on that- I got a whole paragraph. Want to see it?
There was a big game last night. Some even call it "super." They say the ads weren't all that this year. Some are saying that the Lesser Manning might be as good as his big brother (not sure about that, but time will tell). He made a catch that will go down in history. According to him, if you feed your defense enough bs, they'll start to believe they can beat the unbeatable... and actually do it (I'm still trying to find a link for the quote I heard on the radio- it was great). Halftime went freefallin'(dude... you're sounding good... and looking old...) . And, in defeat, we learn that genius coaching doesn't always lead to good sportsmanship. And the old koots are still in Perfectville all alone.
Inspirational, eh? Yesterday, it was Super-Duper Tuesday, and, in the world of current events, nothing else was allowed to happen except that (and this parade). Now that the national nightmare (Super Tuesday) is over and done with, maybe we can get back to normal. Maybe...

Let's see what's in the news, shall we?

BREAKING NEWS: It's snowing in Wisconsin. This is news? Seriously... that's "breaking news" today...


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