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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

It's a "Blast"

(This post is a product review. No, I'm not getting paid for it. It's just a PSA.)

A few months ago, I received an e-mail from an old friend who was excited about a new product. I thought he was just easily amused. A few days ago, I saw this post. I did a quick search, and Batter Blaster is sold at a little market not too far from us. I picked up a can.

Batter Blaster is an interesting concept. They took pancake batter and put it into an oversized Easy Cheese can. It sits in your fridge until you really want a pancake. Heat up a skillet, and a couple of minutes later, you have pancakes that aren't half bad. They are a little thin, but taste ok. (They seem to taste doughy if you cook them quickly, so a low and slow griddle is a better plan.)

If you're a pancake snob (is there such a thing?), then you won't be interested in Pancakes-in-a-Can. If, however, you get your pancakes from a mix, this is an interesting change of pace.

I doubt I'll get these on a regular basis (because it's not sold at my normal grocery store, and it's not good enough for a regular diversion to the other store), but, if I'm near the market where it's sold, I'll stop in for a can or two.

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