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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Pink Just Isn't My Color

Y'all have heard about the whole Berkeley v. USMC fiasco, right? Code Pink has been protesting in front of a USMC recruiting office in Berkeley for a while now. Not too long ago, the city of Berkeley sent a letter to the Marines informing them that the Marines were not welcomed in Berkeley, and that, if they chose to stay, they would be considered "unwelcome intruders." A few days later, once Republicans in the Senate introduced a bill to remove all earmarks for Berkeley (including the money for organic gourmet lunches at the public schools), the city council decided that maybe that wasn't such a good idea. They took away the "harsh language," but still encouraged its citizens to "actively and passively" protest the recruiting center.

Free speech is a wonderful thing (one of those freedoms that Marines fight for, as a matter of fact), and it should be defended at all costs. However, preventing another person from doing perfectly legal activities has absolutely nothing to do with someone's freedom of speech.

Here. Watch this:

I'm not telling you to give a bunch of money to the GOP. I'm not even saying that the GOP gets it right every time (McCain/Feingold anyone?). What I'm saying is that if conservatives don't get off their rears and exercise their First Amendment rights, then they're going to get the country they deserve.

As for Code Pink... I'll just quote Trace Atkins on this one...
Excuse me
First amendment?
Son, the first amendment protects you from the government
Not from me
You can say whatever you want to out there
You come within reach of me
I'll exercise my right to give you a good ol' country ass whoopin'
Is what I'll do for you
By God
h/t to Conservative Belle

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