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Friday, February 01, 2008

They're Throwing a Bit of a Fit

Atheists, that is. Making its way through the House of Representatives is a bill that has all the atheists in an uproar. What could possibly be in that little bill that would cause their blood pressure to climb? The Christian history of our nation, of course.

If you google HR 888, you'll get plenty of articles, blog posts and message board entries saying "I hate my Representative" and "they want to rewrite history" and fun stuff like that. They're forgetting something.

Until sometime in the 20th century, this nation was, for the most part, a Christian nation. More precisely, this was a nation of Christians. All were free to worship (or not) as they chose, but this country had, at its core, a Christian foundation. During the 20th century, somehow things got all topsy-turvy and the Christians decided that they shouldn't offend anyone, even if that meant their own rights were being violated in the process.

There is nothing in that bill that isn't factually correct. They're not "rewriting history"- they're trying to prevent the eraser from stripping away any more of the heritage that made this nation great.

Go read the whole bill. You might learn something about your own country.

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