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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Channel Surfing for Inspiration

Many people surf the internet when they have trouble sleeping. Others channel surf. It's all about riding the waves, I guess. I usually fall into the latter category because, if I start in on the computer, I might never get to sleep.

Occasionally, while channel hopping, I come across Pastor Melissa Scott teaching. She doesn't really preach, she's pretty much teaching Biblical Greek. Or so it seems to me. I have no idea what her credentials are (other than she's the widow of Dr. Gene Scott- interesting guy, to say the least). She stands on the stage, pile of texts at her side, dry erase boards behind her, translating and explaining the chosen Scripture of the day. (Does she get it right? I have no idea. I took Spanish, not Greek.)

I saw her the other night, and she got me thinking about the TwoDragon clan and the (dare I say it?) miraculous things that have been going on in their lives. As part of his study, Eric is comparing Bible translations to each other and to the Greek and Hebrew (which he seems to be learning in the process). I have to admire his determination to learn it all.

Which brings me to the "inspiration" part of this. Most Christians simply trust the Bible translation handed to us (by our particular denomination, by a well-meaning friend, or based on the recommendation by the nice girl at the bookstore). Which one is the closest to the original? Which is the farthest? Personally, I have... at least 6 different translations of the Bible sitting on my bookshelf, and I have web resources bookmarked so I can access I have no idea how many more.

To find the best translation, you can trust the scholars who know the original languages, or you can translate it yourself. Needless to say, 99.999% of folks out there trust the scholars. It's just easier that way. But I've been thinking...

No, I'm not signing up for Beginning koiné at the local seminary... at least not tomorrow. I suppose I could follow Eric's example... or maybe convince the boys that they want to take Greek or Hebrew as their foreign language next year... but this has definitely given me something to think about...

Until then, maybe Eric can tell me if Melissa Scott has a clue...

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