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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

An Evening of Fun and Frivolity

For those of you in the Pittsburgh area, you still have time to get to the dinosaur statue at the library for the march. What am I talking about? Why, the anniversary march and hostile takeover, of course!
On Wednesday, March 19, POG will be holding a torch-lit march to a modern day castle of abominations—our local military recruiting station. If the station remains open, we intend to evict it and everything inside of it, occupy the location, and transform it into something useful for the community. We'll also be bringing a movable cage in which to confine military recruiters until they no longer pose a danger to our friends and neighbors. Of course, the station may be closed and recruiters may flee or hide behind the police apparatus that enables the war to continue. That is often the case, and we've seen in the past the overwhelming resources the state directs against these anniversary events because of their importance as a symbol of dissent. We believe in acting effectively, in confronting the war, at times and places of our choosing. When the state brings the resources necessary to suppress direct action against the war, it makes sense to hold a symbolic protest, and we still consider that a success, as it exposes the reality that it is ultimately on the local level that our countries war policy will be decided.
Wow. They're trying to out-Berkeley Berkeley. They're going to march to a recruiting station (which is probably closed after 6pm) evict anyone and anything in the station, and cage any recruiters who might be working late. They'll try to get arrested, too. And, if by chance they can't accomplish any of their tasks (which is the most likely outcome), they'll still consider it a success, just because they tried. How... cute.

So... is there anyone in the PIttsburgh area who could go and... you know... provide some moral support? For the recruiters, of course. Block the entrance to the recruiting station, plaster huge patriotic signs all over the place, shout over the morons... something (all legal of course). Of course, if there are too many of you compared to the fruit loops, y'all can just pull up a lawn chair, grab some popcorn, and enjoy the show.

Do it for me? Please?

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