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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

An Inspirational Tale

There's no doubt that I don't agree with Steve Novick on just about everything politically, but I've got to admire him on a personal level.

Being born without a left hand or fibula bones in his legs didn't seem to stop him from achieving his goals. When he was 14 the local schools closed for a time, so he enrolled at the University of Oregon. He graduated from their Honors College when he was 18, and then from Harvard Law when he was 21. (What does that say about the public school system when a kid, on his own volition, can skip high school all together and graduate from college with honors?)

I love his light-hearted attitude about his physical differences from the norm (can you even call them disabilites?). I mean, someone who uses this as a campaign sign can be all that gloomy, right?


Then there's his campaign ad "A Beer with Steve."

Like I said, I don't agree with him politically. Have a beer with him? Sure, I might just do that.

(h/t to Uncle Jimbo at Blackfive)

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