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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Lunch, Anyone?

If you're in Pittsburgh, head over to Franktuary. They have some new stuff on the menu. You can try the Barackwurst. Or maybe the Hillbasa. If you want the McCainine, you'll have to wait until fall.

At least the campaigns have this in perspective (for now):
The presidential candidates approached this contest with the same stoic determination they've shown throughout the campaign.

"We feel good about our chances in the Sausage Poll," Clinton campaign spokesman Mark Nevins said. "The Hillbasa is known to be a more accomplished sausage that is ready to be served on Day One. The Barackwurst, while impressive, simply does not offer the same robust profile as the Hillbasa."

"The people of Pennsylvania have been enjoying bratwurst for decades," said Obama campaign spokeswoman Debbie Mesloh. "This culinary delight just makes a better quality of life for the people of Pennsylvania and throughout the country. Bratwurst helps to keep America strong and prosperous."

Me? My diet says, "chicken salad." My taste buds are screaming, "NEW YORKER!!!!" Alas... I'm not in Pittsburgh.

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