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Sunday, March 16, 2008

A SBC Baptist's Declaration

Well, well, well... I had started a pretty decent rant on a news article that ran earlier this week. I'm going to finish it and post it as a part of this piece, but I wanted to point something out. The "declaration" was a criticism of the SBC, not a "declaration" by the SBC. They were quick to put up a "it wasn't us" statement on their website. Maybe they're a little smarter than 3 of their former presidents and 43 other dummkopfs. (Then again, they do have their own statement which I haven't gotten around to reading... they could very well be a whole herd of dummkopfs when it comes to climate change. )I just wanted everyone to know that this isn't a SBC fiasco- this is a 46 dingbat fiasco. There you go.

OK... onto the rant.

Quite a while ago, I summed up my opinions on Christianity and the environment here. In a nutshell (and I might be adding to what I wrote back then): We have an obligation to be good stewards of the gifts God gave us. One of the gifts we were given is a brain, and we should use it to make reasoned decisions concerning how we take care of the rest of the gifts. Common sense protection of all the gifts is preferable to fanatical devotion to one cause or another.

This week, "A Southern Baptist Declaration on the Environment and Climate Change" was released. Instead of copying and pasting large chunks of the declaration to make my points, just go read it. I'll wait.

Done? OK... so... from the SBC statement, I have the 4 main points of the declaration which I will address individually.
  1. Human beings have a responsibility to care for creation and acknowledge their participation in environmental decline.

    I can almost buy this one. But human beings, especially in the United States, are already leading the charge when it comes to cleaning up the environment. Travel around the world and you'll marvel at the cleanliness and beauty of our country. We're not perfect, but we're far from the pariahs we're made out to be.

  2. Addressing climate change is prudent.

    According to who? Climate change is as old as... well, as old as Methuselah. There has always been climate change. Ever hear of an Ice Age? There obviously had to have some sort of "global warming" at some point in time because we'd still be an Ice Age otherwise. Did SUVs cause the last warming period (in the early 1000s)? Just wondering.

    If you strip away the activist rhetoric, you have scientific theories. Those theories on climate change revolve around things like sun spots and volcanic ash. SUVs and carbon credits are no where to be found, in case you were curious.

  3. Stewardship of the earth is required by Christian and Southern Baptist beliefs.

    Finally, something we agree on! Next!

  4. Individuals, churches, communities and governments should act now.

    And do what? Bow to the Goracle? Buy into junk science? Drive a Prius? Sell carbon credits? Pass a law?

So... they bought into the hype. The environmentalists, who are more about communism then conservation, have managed a few more converts. I have no idea what "compelling evidence" the "declaration" signers looked at, but it wasn't sound science- it was "concensus science." Honestly, it sounds like they listened to some charlatan engaging in some hellfire and brimstone preaching. If they had bothered to do just a little more research (google is their friend), they would have found plenty of reason to pause. But it was just so dang compelling, right?

Back in the 1970s, we were told that, if we didn't "do something," we'd be in the middle of an Ice Age by 2000. Somehow, in 30 years or so, we've gone from the deep freeze to the oven. Now, if we don't "do something," we'll all fry within 50 years. I know what we can do... let's just wait. It worked last time!

Sure. I guess you can say I'm a denier. Then again, I'm also a flat earth denier. And a geocentrism denier. Let's not forget "hollow earth" theory. Newtonian gravity theory? Deny, deny, deny. Get the point?

"So, where do you find your ideas for your denier propaganda?" I hear you ask. Great question! First, take this quiz to see how much you don't know about Global Warming. Then start your studying here. Once you finish and understand what the activists are really trying to prove, then dive into the science here and here. And here. Don't forget here. Need more? There's always something new coming around the bend, so... google is your friend, too.

In closing, I'll give the signers of the declaration a simple piece of advice. Leave the science to the scientists... that's why they're called that.

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