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Friday, March 21, 2008

This Weekend

Oft times during December, people whine and complain about "the Reason for the Season," and rightly so. I find it odd that there isn't quite the same uproar in the Spring. Shouldn't there be?

After all, this is the weekend that Christians celebrate the death and ressurection of our Lord and Savior. There isn't a more solemn an occasion, and yet, on Good Friday, no one notices. Sure, there are plenty of reasons to rejoice on Easter morning- Jesus rose from the dead. We just seem to forget how He got there in the first place.

No, this isn't going to be a sermon or a Bible study or anything like that. It's more of a... reminder.

In a nutshell, humanity screwed up. Blame Adam, blame Eve, blame free will- that's what the guilty do- they throw blame around. Throughout history, there has been only one person who didn't put themselves before God (and He was hung on a tree for His effort). Everyone is separated from God and his Grace and Mercy.

Let me put it bluntly. I screwed up. I have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God. I deserve whatever punishment Jesus decides to give me. I needed a sin sacrifice to get "right" with God- and Jesus was it. He died for me. And you. And everyone else. He died to save us from eternal damnation and separation from Him. And then, to show that He was who He said He was, He walked out of a tomb three days later.

By now, everyone is saying, "well, duh." We all know that, right? Then why is Easter all about chocolate and colored eggs and bunnies and new bonnets? Why isn't it a time of reflection and confession, faith and forgiveness? Where did the Cross go?

Sure, I'd love to throw this all on Hallmark's lap. It would be easier, wouldn't it? But all of this started long before they decided to capitalize on the situation. Can't say I blame them, really.

Now, don't go throwing out the chocolate bunnies and jelly beans (unless you're giving them to me, that is). I'm just saying that you should spend some time reflecting on the Reason for the Season.

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