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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

54% is a Good Thing?

54% of Seniors in Atlanta high schools will graduate on time this year. Dang. I checked on Austin's grad rate- a pathetic 58.2%. And people wonder why we homeschool.Photobucket

Denny has a great rant on education and success in life. It is definitely a worthy read (language warning alert is in effect). I could quibble with him on a couple of points, but he's pretty close to spot on.

Money isn't the answer to the public school systems' problems. Scrapping the entire system is the answer.

(In case you were wondering, Austin Independent School District spends ~$10,400 per student per year, if you use budget/student body numbers. Here at my little school house, we spend, when all is said and done, somewhere in the area of $1000 per child per year. Then again, it's probably not a fair comparison, since my goal is to have my kids taking college level courses- if not classes at ACC- their Junior year.)

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