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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day

Woohoo. It's Earth Day. It's time for environmentalists to get a bunch of free press. It's time for the media, politicians, and the school systems to preach the party line. And it's time for many Americans to make some token gesture out of fear and manipulation. Yippee skip.

I'm all about practical, responsible conservation. It's just stupid to intentionally pollute our planet. I mean, we have to live here. I am against Earth-first, humanity-last, capitalism-never attitude that environmentalists tend to have. Then again, I'm also against reacting to every random theory that comes around without any scientific backing. (Sure, for every "he said" we have a "she said" and vice versa. Every time the environmentalists give X scientific information, then the skeptics come back with Y. It's a never ending cycle... kind of like climate change... but I digress.)

There is this theory going around that I really agree with. While some people are hard-core environmentalists as their sole "cause," many are late comers to this form of activism. When it became clear that the Soviet Union was failing, communists around the world needed to find another way to channel their efforts. They latched onto environmentalism as their cause du jour, and they poured their Marxist ideologies into the movement. I mean, seriously, is it just a coincidence that many of the proposals that environmentalists put forward to save the world have some kind of socialist or communist undertones?

Then again, as TC points out, is it just a coincidence that Earth Day is on Lenin's birthday? Yup, like he said (and I've heard over and over again- it's a great analogy)- environmentalists are watermelons- green on the outside and red on the inside (and I'd like to carry on the analogy by saying, "and they're gross and disgusting.")

UPDATE: Well, well, well... perfect timing on this article. It almost sounds like... what's that word? Oh, yeah... science. Still, it might not be the case. It does make my ideas for common sense conservation and not extremism seem even more common sense, though.

UPDATE 2: In honor of Earth Day, here's a book I'd love to read (once I finish reading this). And here are a few links to some environmentalism news articles.

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