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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Making Mountains Out Of...

... uh... ok, maybe that's not such a good title for this post, but that's as good of a title as any.

There's this parody going around. It's called "My Wall Street Journal." Here's the cover:


OK, some of that is funny. "Bush Abolishes Death and Taxes." That's good stuff. And that photoshop of Hillary is awesome.

What's the problem? you ask. Well, there's a sketch of Ann Coulter (in the style, sorta, of the WSJ's sketches of their writers). In this sketch, she's in her birthday suit except for a thong.

Some people are in an uproar over the sketch, saying that's it's outrageous and offensive and ... well, you get the point. Sure, it's in poor taste. Duh. Kind of the point. Here's a thought- they probably did that with the purpose of offending us pesky, humor-impaired conservatives. But most of us can take a joke. No, really. Maybe, if we just ignore them, they might just go away.

But, you know who might just be a little upset with the sketch? Ann herself. I mean, she'd kill for that body. (She's quite the beanpole and has expressed a desire for something vaguely resembling curves.)

Now, granted, if a conservative had drawn a sketch like that with a liberal pundit as the subject (uh... presuming they could find one they'd want as a subject) , I'm 99.9% sure that the liberal side of the blogosphere would be screaming about sexism and all that fun stuff. They're not known for their ability to take a joke, ya know?

Ignore 'em. If Ann wants to address it, that's her call. Otherwise, just ignore them. They'll go away.

(h/t to Ed at HotAir)

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