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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Pet Peeve Notice

I've seen a new word around today, and yeah, it's got my dander up. What's the word?
AAARRRRGGGHHHHH!!!!! That bugs me. It bugged me during the Clinton administration, and it still bugs me now.

What "that"? I hear you ask. The "that" of which I speak is the need to label any scandal as _______gate. Filegate. Travelgate. Spygate. Memogate (also known as Rathergate). Tunagate. (Think I'm joking? Here's a partial list of all the-gates out there.

There was this one scandal called Watergate. It had nothing to do with water. No, really. It was the name of a hotel which was the setting for the start of the scandal. There is only one -gate scandal and, believe it or not, it happened over 30 years ago.

Can we please stop with the gate business? PULEEZE????

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