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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Politics in Texas

Since I have that "Bloggers for Cornyn" button in the sidebar, I probably need to check in on politics in the Lone Star State once in a while. Here's what's going on with the Senate race right now.

Recently, both campaigns posted their first quarter fundraising numbers for 2008. Senator Cornyn had $2.2 million for the quarter and $8.7 million on hand. Not bad. Rick Noriega, on the other hand, brought in a whopping $478,000+ in the quarter, and about $330,000 in cash as of March 31st. (Mr. Noriega's campaign has said that they'll need about $5 million to compete until the election. Um... good luck with that, Rick.)

Here are a few links about the campaign. (After reading all three pieces, I'm still trying to figure out how being 20 points ahead means you're polling poorly. Maybe I'm just not nuanced enough to get it.)

You know, I'm not a "Blogger for Cornyn" just because he has an "R" after his name. Seriously, I can't stand the way a whole lot of the Republicans have become nothing more than RINOs. John Cornyn has fought against the RINOs whenever he could. And I'm not against Rick Noriega just because of the "D" he proudly sports. I'm against him because I've read his stand on the issues, and I don't agree with him on almost every subject. That takes talent.

PS: Is it just me, or is the "en espaƱol" button on Noriega's site highly offensive?

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