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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

"Big John" a Hit or a Miss, Depending On Who You Ask

Last weekend was the Texas Republican Convention in Houston. I wish I could have been there. Maybe next time.

One of the big hits of the convention, if you ask those who were there, was the video introduction of Senator John Cornyn. Here it is:

Looks like the perfect set up for a conservative candidate, no? Several people have posted on how good it was. I agree. It was a fun little intro for Senator Cornyn.

Of course, not everyone liked it. Most of those people, btw, aren't big fans of Senator Cornyn anyway. They tend to be from the far end of the other side of the aisle. Here's a link to a few of the detractors.

Let's see. Karl thought it was ridiculous. Evan thought it was corny. Someone from the HuffPo thought it made Cornyn look like a "dull-witted rodeo clown." You can read the rest of the comments if you really want to. They're quite hateful, actually.

Honestly, the Left's response isn't surprising. They, as a rule, has no real sense of humor (unless it's humor intended to belittle someone other than themselves) and despise anything and everything that reminds us of Texas' independent, tough image. It stands to reason that an image of a real leader, unafraid to get dirty, would make them upset. They much prefer their leaders to drink lattes and worry about the price of arugala. It makes perfect sense that this video would ruffle their feathers.

Karl ended his post by stating that, because this video is so "ridiculous", people should support Senator Cornyn's opponent. I know that politics can be serious business, but... to paraphrase, "Lighten up, Karl."

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