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Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Good Evening

This evening, I had the honor of attending a fundraiser for Michael L. Williams. He is just as warm and friendly as you'd imagine he'd be if you've seen his speech at the Texas Republican convention, and he's just as passionate about his position on the Texas Railroad Commission and the issues that entails. I'm impressed with his ideas on where Texas needs to head in energy production, both with established sources and new technology.

You know... if a girl were allowed to day dream, she might let her thoughts wander to a day when Chairman Williams had a different job... perhaps taking over in Austin when Governor Perry is finished in 2010... or maybe even one in Washington, DC (a House or Senate seat... or... dare I even think it?)... That's a good dream. 

In the interest of fairness, I looked up his opponent in the upcoming election. Sometime soon, I will address all five points in his Five Point Plan, but I want to knock one off right now. He wants (rightly so) to change the name of the Texas Railroad Commission to something else since it has nothing to do with railroads anymore and everything to do with energy. There's one small problem. The Commission tried to get the name changed, and The Powers That Be™ (I'm guessing the Legislature) said, "no." No matter who is elected in November, I'm sure this will be visited again. It's just that with Chairman Williams, it's not a major campaign point.

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