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Friday, June 06, 2008

Running With Purpose

Listening to Hugh Hewitt yesterday (a rare treat), I found out about Captain Jason Lynn's marathon aspirations. He's running to raise money for Hope for the Warriors.
For those of you who may not know me and heard about this fundraiser through friends of friends, I'm an Apache Helicopter Pilot currently serving my second tour of duty in Iraq. Running a marathon is something I have wanted to do for several years but haven't had a motivating purpose to make me take training seriously. Now I do! During this deployment, my Battalion lost a very special Soldier, SPC Michael Brown. More recently, one of my best friends from West Point suffered a near fatal injury during an enemy attack on his convoy that resulted in the death of one of his Soldiers, SPC Arturo-Huerta Cruz. These events have inspired me to begin this fundraiser in honor of them and for an organization that benefits ALL fallen/wounded Soldiers and their Families. I am in contact with H4TW discussing the possibility of ensuring a portion of the money raised goes directly to both SPC Brown's and SPC Cruz's Family. H4TW will do what they can in accordance with their mission and following the guidelines set forth by their board of directors to help ensure that happens. As I would expect from my good friend, knowing the quality guy that he is and what he stands for, he has asked not to receive any benefits from this, instead for any support received to be directed to his Soldier's family.
If you can help out, this definitely seems like a good cause.

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