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Thursday, June 12, 2008

This Is a Good Thing, I Think

This is on Hot Air, and MM's site, as well. It's a video from a group called "Truth Through Action" (no, I'm not going to link to them- look them up yourself). No, you don't really want to watch the video. I'll just explain it to you. Better for you- trust me.

So, this girl sees this guy at a bar. He knocks his beer over, but he's kind of cute, so she goes home with him. She goes into the bedroom, and he goes to find her an adult beverage (I guess there's something wrong with Johnny Walker Red). After lining up his shoes at the door, he goes into the bedroom and finds her mostly disrobed. They start playing tonsil hockey, and then she sees it- the "Thanks for your support!" autographed photo from... John McCain. She freaks out, gets dressed, and runs out of the apartment. She bumps into a guy on the street and notices his donkey lapel pin. He sees her "I only sleep with Democrats" button. One presumes they live happily ever after.

There you have it. The whole video. MM summed it up with "Vote Democrat: Have more promiscuous sex!" And AP pointed out that Republicans tend to say "I won't date liberals." It's a subtle yet important distinction. In theory, conservatives (well, social conservatives, at least) are a tad more restrained when it comes to sex (or at least tend to favor monogamy and committed relationships). Liberals tend toward more libertine behavior. Yes, I'm stereotyping, but if the condom fits...

I guess I don't really have to point out just how juvenile this video is. It was produced, according to the creators, to appeal to young voters.
"We're making products that we think young voters are more likely to e-mail to their friends, to post to their friends," Sugarman told "Our products have a message but are also entertaining as film projects, and we don't think anybody else is doing the same thing."
What message is that, exactly? Supposedly, it's that Democrats are "hip" and "cool" and Republicans are dorks, right? That's not the way I saw it. I came away from the video thinking that young adults (and I cringe as I type that word) have no moral compass and Democrats are narrow minded and unwilling to accept people that are in the least way different than themselves. But I just don't get it, I suppose.

Personally, I'm glad that liberals are keeping to themselves. I mean, if they do that, they keep the diseases to themselves, and we can be fairly confident that, due to their pro-abortion stand, they won't be adding to their ranks the old fashioned way.

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