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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Changing Attitudes

Burning bridges... torpedo under the waterline... pulverize... raze... trash... total... you get the idea, right? That's what it looks like Brett Favre has done to his relationship with the Green Bay Packers.

This week, Greta van Sustern has been showing an interview with Favre on her show. (Here are the links to the video of the entire interview. No, I haven't watched the whole thing. Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 - if those don't work, here's a partial transcript. ) He's laying it on the line, telling everyone what he really thinks. I hate to say it, but, from the parts I have watched and heard on the radio, he sounds like a little brat.

First, he said that he was pressured into having that press conference in March where he announced his retirement. Well... he has/had enough clout in Green Bay to tell them to back off. I understand management's need to know which way he was leaning because they had to make plans. Brett caved, and he's blaming them because he didn't stand up to them.

Then, Brett is upset with Ted Thompson because Thompson said some things that, in Brett's point of view weren't quite truthful or up front or whatever. First, Thompson didn't sign Brett's linemen. Then, when Mike Sherman left Green Bay, Brett asked Thompson to interview his friend, Steve Marriucci. Thompson said sure, but then hired Mike McCarthy without interviewing Marriucci first. And then Brett lobbied hard to get Randy Moss, and Thompson didn't push to sign Moss, and then said that Brett hadn't really lobbied for Moss as much as he had.

Now, I don't claim to have insider information about what was going on in the front office, but I can make some guesses. When it comes to the linemen, who knows? Maybe they were offered better deals. As for Marriucci, I'm guessing that they were already in final negotiations with McCarthy, and the token call to Marriucci was out of consideration to Favre. Then there's Moss- all indications was that Moss was a problem child, and Thompson may not have wanted to deal with him. As for Thompson saying that Brett didn't lobby... he probably wanted to downplay it for PR reasons. Nothing personal, Brett.

Greta didn't ask the tough questions, though. Why did Brett tell the Packers that he wanted to come back for spring training, and then change his mind days before it started? Why has he changed his mind over and over since the March press conference? It's one thing if he had announced his retirement and then went to camp. We're used to professional athletes changing their mind about retirement. But to change your mind more than most women is uncalled for.

I completely understand the Packers' position right now. They can't trust that Favre won't change his mind again before the season starts (and it doesn't really matter that Favre says he's 100% committed to playing). The Packers had to make plans for the coming season, and they needed to go with the quarterback who is sure to be there- Aaron Rogers.

As for the Packers' charges of inappropriate contact... I'm not sure. Brett Favre is friends with Darrell Bevell, and I have no idea what the rules are concerning friends talking as opposed to "official" talking. We'll see.

This is all really sad. Some people think Brett will play for Green Bay, some say he'll play for someone else. There are a lot of people who just wish he'd be quiet and enjoy his retirement. I really hope he just stays retires before his legacy is damaged anymore.

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