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Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Enemy of My Enemy and All That

Being raised in the 'burbs near STL and being raised with a healthy appreciation for sports to the point of being a total homer, there are a few things that are obvious to me:
What does that have to do with anything? I mean, I'm sure there must be  2 readers who care about STL professional sports rivalries, right? No, this is more about one of the rivals than about STL sports.

Next New Years Day, the Red Wings and the Blackhawks will play a game at Wrigley Field. (I'll give you a moment to wrap your brain around that.) In honor of the occasion, a Cook County Commissioner was nice enough to draft a resolution honoring the occasion.
Cook County Commissioner Mike Quigley is a Blackhawks fan. It goes without saying he hates the Detroit Red Wings.

So when Quigley put together an official resolution Tuesday celebrating the Hawks' outdoor showdown against the Red Wings on New Year's Day at Wrigley Field, he included a secret message to the reigning Stanley Cup champions and their fans.

He used red capital letters in the last line of his resolution to spell out a favorite chant he learned while growing up a Hawks fan ''in the second balcony in Chicago Stadium.'' The letters spelled out, ''DETROIT SUCKS.''

Besides declaring Jan. 1 will be ''Chicago Blackhawks Day'' in Cook County, Quigley's resolution designates Wrigley Field and the surrounding area an ''Octopus Free Zone'' -- a dig at Red Wings fans' tradition of throwing octopi on the ice after their team scores.

''The good thing about being a Blackhawks fan,'' Quigley said, ''is you don't have to live in Detroit.''
I think I like Mr. Quigley... even if he is a *spit* Blackhawks' fan.

UPDATE: Here's is PuckDaddy's take on the resolution. PD isn't a Dead Things fan,  is he? He does have a point about banning the Swedes, though.

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