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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

GB Has Issues

Granted one of these stories happened in February, but still...

First off... Scotland Yard's employment website was hacked by a monster. No, really. A monster.


The writing under him says:
Officer Brobee sez: Oh HAI Guys do joo wanna bes a policeman lulz? I see that the so 15 anti-terrorism anti-lutz police are hiring more incompetent nervy edgy sociopaths to make London’s streets just a little bit safer! OH LULZ.
SHOUTS TO 10g1kal for being such a leet dude and to LULKITTEH for being so fancy
Cute, eh? They restored the site. No idea if they ever caught "The Monster."

Second, we have standard issue Muslim outrage over this horrid... despicable... obscene postcard:


Why are they outraged? The puppy, of course. Dogs are unclean in Islam.Of course, the morons in Great Britain apologized for the whole thing. Give me a break.

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