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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A New Moniker

Many people refer to the Speaker of The House, Nancy Pelosi (D-California), as "San Fran's Grand Nan." Now she has a new, even better nickname. The Troll at the Bridge.
Any leader with an energy record as derelict as Speaker Pelosi's ought to step down. Where she once was just incompetent and irresponsible, she has now — with her latest scheme to fix oil prices — become dangerous.

Despite polls showing Americans in favor of drilling more oil from America's huge untapped supplies, Pelosi won't allow it. She just wants to empty our Strategic Petroleum Reserve for a short-term fix to get through Election Day.

It's an irresponsible suggestion, signaling not only an ignorance of how the economy works but also a willingness to place the nation at risk in the case of emergency. 
That editorial wasn't signed by an individual- it was signed by the Investor's Business Daily editorial board. They're all fed up with Pelosi's incompetence.  Here is an interview with IBD's Monica Showalter. (This is my first attempt to use RedLasso- let's see if I did it right.) :

I don't doubt for a moment that Rep. Pelosi has the best interest in mind... the best interest of her party, not the United States. It's the Democrats' failed policies that brought us to this place, and they're not the ones to count on to get us out of it. 

I like the name...

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