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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Preach On

Yeah, I'm still upset that he's not the GOP's nominee for President. I mean, with quotes like this, how can I not?

This country was founded on certain eternal truths – the lessons of the Scriptures and the wisdom of the ages … the recognition that there is such a thing as human nature that must be taken into account when governing … a respect for tradition and – most fundamentally – the proposition that people are meant to be free. 
From these principles a government was formed – a government with its powers separated, checked and balanced, because the Founders knew that power tended to corrupt human beings. In keeping with that, they incorporated into our Constitution a system of Federalism to ensure that there was not too much power concentrated in the central government –a central government that was given certain delineated powers and no others. 
From the application of these principles we developed a market economy, the rule of law, a system of trade with other nations, and a strong national defense. From the prosperity, freedom, and strength that came from this system we became a friend and example to all those around the world who aspired to those same things. We won wars, including the Cold War.  We helped rebuild our enemies’ countries, which enhanced world stability, and which strengthened our own security along the way.  
So with that in mind, I’d like to suggest a change for us: Instead of a constant search for the new, exciting and different, let’s re-assert the “First Principles” that made this country great. 

Has freedom, liberty and the strength which guarantees them become outdated? And just what part of our Constitutional framework requires sprucing up or should be abandoned altogether?
Go here to watch Fred!'s entire speech to the National Right to Life Conference. If you're rather read it (which you REALLY need to), go here.

*sigh* Are we sure it's too late to give him the nomination?

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