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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Rush and the Rams?

Here's an interesting tidbit that's new to me. Rush Limbaugh is interested in buying the Rams. Granted, the Rams aren't for sale, but who's to say Georgia's kids won't jump at the chance to sell their mom's team if given a chance.

I find the comments on these forums interesting- some people are upset that he might buy the team because of his politics. Geez! These commenters get it right:
Good grief, people! An owner that would actually take an interest in winning pops up, and some would be opposed because of his political sway?
Rush is Right fit for the Rams. As some has stated, he would be an owner who would put alot of emphasis on winning, much in a way Marc Cuban (Dallas Mavericks), Jerry Jones (Dallas Cowboys) and George Steinbrenner (New York Yankees), to name a few, have for their ballclubs, (Hand-on approach type of guys).

Besides politics, Rush has always expressed great interest in sports. (I believe he used to work in the Kansas City Royals organization). Rush would be an owner who could sell the Saint Louis Rams to a Global audiance, an innovator with the drive to be successful (much in the way he has done in the media).

I agree with HUb, having an owner who's committed to putting a winning product on the field could only be a positive for the Rams organization, whatever his or her political views.
But the comment winner has to be the moderator:
Okay, I think both the pro-Rush and anti-Rush sides have had their say, so let's boil down to what we know for a fact. And that is....

...Greg Edwards of the St. Louis Business Journal believes Rush Limbaugh to be a potential buyer of the St. Louis Rams.

Everything else is just a bag of ingredients for a political stew that won't taste yummy for anyone.

The political leanings of the owner, execs., coaches, or players should have little to no bearing on the reactions of fans. For example, I know for a fact that Nick spends his weekends holding hands with hippies while they group-hug trees with Lennon blaring over their sound systems. While I, on the other hand, go hunting for the endangered Pine Cone, Speckled Tail Caribou with my fully automatic assault rifle; and lounge in a tub of crude oil fanning myself with Haliburton stock certificates.

But in the end, we both want the Rams to win regardless of political leanings.

Therefore, this thread is now closed.
All of that being said... I'm a little surprised. Now, I know that Rush grew up south of St. Louis, so there is a bit of a hometown interest there, but I can't help but think of all the times Rush has commented on his love for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Aren't they for sale?

I've never really had a problem with the Rams. They moved to STL after I moved, so I don't have the loyalty to them that I do to the baseball Cards and the Blues. And Georgia Frontiere was supposedly a good owner. Rush says he'd go into it as a business decision, which is much better than a fan playing with a real-life fantasy team.

This could get interesting...

One question- will the stadium have a Rush Room? Photobucket

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