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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Rush In Print

Zev Chafets of The New York Times wrote a great cover piece on Rush Limbaugh for this Sunday's Weekend Magazine. It's fair and balanced. It's worth messing with the free registration in order to read it.

I may just wander around and find a copy and buy it on Sunday.

UPDATE: I forgot to add my favorite section of the article:
Recently, I sent Limbaugh an e-mail message, his preferred means of long-distance communication, asking what his own presidential agenda would look like. His answer reflects his actual concerns. A Limbaugh administration would seek to:
1. Open the continental shelf to drilling. Ditto the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
2. Establish a 17 percent flat tax.
3. Privatize Social Security.
4. Give parents school vouchers to break the monopoly of public education.
5. Revoke Jimmy Carter’s passport while he is out of the country.
6. Abandon all government policies based on the hoax of man-made global warming.
No. 5 was a joke. I think.
Uh... Zev... that wasn't a joke.

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