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Friday, July 11, 2008

Speaking of the Senate Race... Someone's Not Paying Attention

Rick Noriega, Senator Cornyn's competition in November's election, spoke at a breakfast earlier this week. I have to guess that the following "quote" is more of a paraphrase, but it's dumbfounding, nonetheless.
"Somebody has to stand up and say the emperor has no clothes.There needs to be a new path in the Iraq War, beginning with a new Commander-In-Chief to correct this strategic blunder. Then benchmarks need to be established for the Iraqi government to meet, an idea from the Iraq Study Group. Nothing compels the Iraqi government to perform." (emphasis mine- B)
Mr. Noriega hasn't been paying attention. Last year, Congress established eighteen benchmarks (scroll down to Title I, section 1314 (b)(1)(a) and you can see them yourself). That bill was passed by the House on 5.10.07 and by the Senate on 5.17.07. President Bush signed it into law on 5.25.07. Over a year ago.

How are the Iraqis doing on their To Do list? Just last week, the Washington Post reported on an evaluation that found that all but three of the eighteen benchmarks passed by Congress have been met. Is that a good enough start, Mr. Noriega?

Probably not. I mean, his fellow Democrats, when told about the successes of the Iraqi government, said that it would have gone faster if we had left. Mr. Noriega is just following their lead.

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