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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Why Does My Home State Keep Electing This Moron???

I keep telling people that Illinois is a great place, but... if y'all keep electing idiots like Turbin Durbin and His Holiness The Obamassiah, I may have to rethink that idea.

Case in point, the Tomnibus Bill came up for debate, and this what the esteemed senior Senator from Illinois had to say:

uh... um... huh? We need to spend money... but we're not spending money... but we need to spend money... but we're not spending money...

He's right on one point- any money that's spent by the US should be in and for the US. Besides that, he's lying to the voters about one point or the other. Either the Tomnibus bill creates and funds all those neat little programs, or the Tomnibus bill is just a meaningless piece of paper that needs another bill which may or may not pass for funding, thus making it pointless. Either way, he's full of it.

Can't you fine folks on the east side of The River get your acts together and stop electing morons? You're making your ex-pats look bad.

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