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Friday, August 15, 2008

An American Carol

What do you get when you combine David Zucker satire and an Dickens' classic? An American Carol.

Let's see... Kevin Farley as "Michael Malone" (why does he look so familiar? hmm...) ... Kelsey Grammer as a Pattonesque general (he may actually play the ghost of Patton, I'm not sure)... Leslie Nielson as George Washington... Trace Atkins as the Spirit of Christmas Future Death... this could be interesting.

 Those who know me know I am not a fan of Airplane or the Naked Gun movies (sorry, Mr. Zucker... just have to be honest here). I have been told that I have a humor-defect, but I don't think so... I just don't usually like that type of humor. It's more... guy humor, I guess. This doesn't look quite so... "guyish"... or maybe it's just because they're making fun of Michael Mooron... either way, I'll be there the weekend of October 3rd to see it.

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