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Saturday, August 30, 2008

And He Wants To Represent Texas?

Normally, if you want to represent your area of citizenship (city, county, state, or country), you have a lot of pride in that area, right? Barack Obama bucked that trend early this year, and it looks like Rick Noriega, US Senator wannabe from Texas, is following his lead.

Mr. Noriega was in Denver for Obamapalooza this past week, and, while trolling for cash at a gathering of Democrat deep pockets (since he seems to have trouble raising funds in his own state), he let everyone know how he feels about our great state.
Being a Texan today, Mr. Noriega said, means always having to say you're sorry.

"I immediately feel compelled to just apologize to all of you," Mr. Noriega told high-rollers who flocked to the elegant Brown Palace Hotel to hear pleas for donations from about a dozen Democratic senatorial hopefuls.

Mr. Noriega said Texans "have all been incredibly embarrassed" by the Potomac performances of President Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, Tom DeLay and Mr. Noriega's own opponent, freshman GOP Sen. John Cornyn.
Which Texans are embarrassed, Mr. Noriega? I'm not... at least, not usually by the folks you mentioned. And I don't feel the need to apologize to anyone for our President or his administration. No one is perfect, Mr. Noriega, but this administration is far better than anything your side of the aisle has put forward in a very long time.

Oh, but wait. Mr. Noriega and his campaign weren't finished.
But Noriega media strategist Dawn Laguens said the campaign remains well positioned because Cornyn has not been able to use his financial advantage to "put it away."
Oh, really? He has a double digit lead in the polls, and a recent Rasmussen survey gives him a 70% chance of keeping his jobs. Sounds a lot like "putting it away" to me.
Noriega told the donors that Cornyn's voting record has been close to giving President Bush everything he's wanted. And, he said, Cornyn's seat on the Judiciary Committee puts him in a position to affect the confirmation of Supreme Court nominees.
He says that like it's a bad thing. It's a very good thing, if you want Justices who will not legislate from the bench. But I'm goofy that way.

But the political atmosphere Obama has created gives Noriega a chance to pull off an upset.
"We need to kill the snake while we have the hoe in the hand," Noriega said.
um... did he just call Obama a hoe? I know he called Senator Cornyn a snake, but we're used to him being... surly. Whatever... Seriously, though- I don't think Senator Obama is going to be the Democrat party messiah that they think he will be. His numbers are only going to fall now that the DNC is over and the issues will be at the forefront, and Senator Obama may just drag the party down with him.

Representative Noriega didn't quite get this one right:
Voters are fed up with the Republicans, Mr. Noriega said. He said Mr. Cornyn wants to avoid letting voters compare their positions. His opponent's campaign is out to discredit him, he said.

"They can't allow us to get out of the cradle," he said.
No, Mr. Noriega. Voters are fed up with RINOs and Democrats- real conservatives are wanted desperately. And I'm pretty sure that Senator Cornyn would love nothing more than to have your positions compared. He's not out to discredit you- he's out to show just how wrong you are for the job you're applying for. You're not ready to get out of the cradle... just like the presidential nominee for your party. (Does that cradle comment strike anyone else as odd?)

In the midst of all this apology nonsense and name calling, this little bit of paranoia struck me as funny and more than a bit illustrative:
Chatting with reporters at one stop, Mr. Noriega suddenly flinched. A video crew, hired by Ms. Laguens (Noriega's media consultant-B), was taping him. He said he's grown distrustful of videographers. The Cornyn camp acknowledges it sends one to virtually all of Mr. Noriega's public appearances.
He freaks when he sees a video crew... that his campaign hired. Can you imagine how he'd react to all those video cameras shoved in his face at press conference after press conference. Camera crews follow Senators around 24/7. If he flinches at one crew- that he hired- now, he'll have a nervous tic by the end of his first month in office.

Of course the Cornyn campaign would send crews to Noriega's public appearances- between his gaffes and inane policy statements, he's practically doing their work for them.

Honestly, looking over these quotes and the rest of the articles that I linked to above, I just don't get it. Rick Noriega is embarrassed by the State of Texas. He's ashamed of it. Why would he want to represent it?

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