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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Check Out The Tough Guy

Oh, yeah... nothing screams testosterone poisoning louder than bullying a person less than half your size. Yup... talk about a tough guy.

How... bizarre. If you actually go to the You Tube site, the explanation of the clip says "Alex Jones shreds Michelle Malkin." Funny... I must not have watched the same clip. He didn't shred Michelle- he just kept yelling that she wants to imprison US citizens and how her neo-con friends are doing something or other. Supposedly, one of his minions yelled, "Kill Michelle Malkin," but I didn't hear that. Then again, when I hear his voice, I instinctively tune him out.

"Who is this Alex Jones?" I hear you ask. (No, I'm not going to link to his wiki page or his "infowars" and "prisonplanet" websites. Look 'em up yourself.) He's an Austin radio personality, a Truther among Truthers. (I haven't heard his response to the report that came out last week that said that fire can melt steel and Tower 7 came down as a result of debris from the Twin Towers falling and hitting the building- I'm sure he thinks it's just furthing the government conspiracy to cover up the fact that either the US government did it or knew about it and let it happen. The Build-a-Bears Bilderberg group is one of his favorite targets when he's not trying to pin anything and everything on neo-cons.) According to his wiki page (which I think he wrote, although it's almost objective), he's a paleoconservative. No, he's not- he's nuttier than Jimmy Carter's farm who says that everyone who doesn't agree with him is a liberal in on the conspiracy (which conspiracy? the one he's talking about at the moment, of course). He has a weekday show that, mercifully, I've never heard. I have had the misfortune of hearing his Sunday show. It's odd... he'll make sense... up to a point... and then he jets off into a land of silliness where I dare not follow.

Take his beef with Michelle Malkin, for instance. Several years ago, Ms. Malkin wrote a book about about the internment of nisei (Japanese Americans) and other hyphenated Americans during World War II. Because she did not universally condemn the internment and thinks that there may again be a need for it, Jones attacked her, saying that she doesn't believe in free speech and that she wants to imprison American citizens.

hmmm... she doesn't believe in freedom of speech, and who kept shouting her down when she tried to talk? Checked a mirror lately, Alex?

Gateway Pundit called it an attack. Ace thought it seemed more like stalking and, perhaps, criminal menacing. Me? I'm leaning toward stalking and assault with intent to annoy.

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