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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Election Links

It's been a while since I've talked about Texas politics, so... here's a quick rundown.

From Chairman Michael Williams' site, we have a bunch of linky goodness. First, we have a three part Energy Solutions series. (It may be more than three parts- there are only three there right now.) Then, there is a post about the "100 year" supply of natural gas and a report on the Governor's Competitiveness Council. And then we end our tour with a little snarky goodness.

Now, we're off to Senator Cornyn's campaign. The Senator has received an endorsement from the Texas Fraternal Order of Police. He has a petition up, asking Senator Reid and Speaker Pelosi to bring Congress back to DC to vote on drilling. A recent poll shows Cornyn up by double digits. That's not all that surprising, considering his competition. Mr. Noriega, in a recent radio interview, didn't know if Congress should come back and vote on offshore drilling. Literally, his answer was, "I don't know." That's leadership for you.

Well, as long as I mentioned Rick Noriega, I might as well give him some more linky love, right? Let's see... what's in my grab bag? Oh, here's an audio clip about him blaming the media for his poor showing. (Memo to Mr. Noriega- Senator Cornyn has been having those conference calls for years... it's part of being a Senator.) Here are some more of his... campaign glitches (not all his fault, granted. Glitches, none-the-less). And it looks like it takes some bad press to get him back on the Twitter wagon.

OK... that's enough for now.

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