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Thursday, August 07, 2008

J... E...T... Sorry- Can't Do It

Brett Favre is off to play for Jersey B.
The month-long saga has finally come to an end, with the Packers agreeing to trade their future Hall-of-Fame quarterback to the New York Jets, first reported Wednesday night.

"We're going to take this one year at a time," Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum said early Thursday morning. "We're just excited to have Brett Favre on the team this year."

In return, the Packers will receive a fourth-round pick that could end up as high as a first-rounder depending upon how the Jets perform during the 2008 season.
Bleh. I wish Favre would have just stayed retired. Now he's going to the team ranked 27th in the off-season power rankings (or 23rd on ESPN) and an offensive line that vaguely resembled a sieve last year. They did spend some money in the off-season on the O-line, but was it enough to keep Favre safe? 

I have to admit that I'm glad he didn't get traded to the Bucs. I mean, I like the Pewter Pirates, and I've lost some respect for Favre.

Then again, I'm not entirely sure "Broadway Brett" will ever wear the green and white of Jersey B. This might have be the one move that could make him retire for real.

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