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Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Obligatory Obama/Biden Post

At 3am this morning, the text message finally went out. The Obama campaign thought it was so clever, sending out text messages to their "loyal supporters" first, letting them in on the little secret of who the lucky person was who gets to be The One's running mate, but the press knew hours before the message was sent. (I think the big hint was the Secret Service showing up at his house. Just a guess.)

My personal opinion? Obama didn't have much of a choice. He couldn't pick Hillary; Bayh or Paine would have probably really annoyed the PUMAs; no one knew who Chet Edwards was. Biden was safe, and he lends that air of experience that Obama definitely lacks. (I actually heard a talking head use the term "gravitas" yesterday... isn't that so... 2000??) That being said, Senator Biden is a typical Washington liberal. Hardly the hopey changy person Obama wants to appear to be. Biden also  has plenty of baggage, and I'm sure someone has already has a file on him, ready to go. I can't wait to hear Rush's take on Monday.

That's my opinion (well, the starts of one). Here are other people's opinions:
What do you think about Obama's choice? Will it sway McCain in his choice?

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