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Friday, August 15, 2008

OK... That Is A Lot of Food

For some reason, a lot of people are obsessed with Michael Phelps' Olympic diet. I did the math, and my recommended calorie intake on my current diet is 1/8 of Phelps' diet. It will take me over a week to eat what he inhales in a day. Granted, he uses every single one of those calories and I don't, but I just wanted to put it in perspective.

Here's another way to put it in perspective. The  Guardian's Jon Henley tried to eat what Michael Phelps does... and well... you can watch the video here. It is kind of funny. I think he was turning a little green around the edges as his adventure continued.

Being the Guardian, they also had to count the cost, and I'd hate to be footing the grocery bill for Phelps. For the day, Henley spent £40.03, which translates into about $75.Oh, wait... I have teenaged boys living here- some days I come close!

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